"A little Help Brings a greater Change"                       
  Praise the Living God. Its our new service 2019, we thank God who has kept all of us here and all of our friends abroad and over seas. For those who lost their loved ones, God is gonna comfort you in Jesus' Name. 

I want to put across our prayer request  as a church for this year, join us as we believe  God for a permanent Home for our children in Change Life Orphanage Ministry Uganda which will cost  us $ 748,00 and for the church machines which will cost us $ 15000. We know that all things are possible with God to them that believe..  Luke: 1:37 may God bless you as you send us prayers and financial support. We love you all .  Thanks for being together with us. 
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EvangelismDear friends and family, we request you to join us in preaching the word of God and we request for support from our Ministry (Change Life Orphanage Ministry-Ugan…